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Referral Program

Referral Bonus

There is no bigger compliment from a satisfied customer than a referral to a neighbour, friend or family member. D.C. United Roofing Inc. attributes over half of their business to referrals. We really appreciate the support, so to show our gratitude we have designed a referral program.

It is very simple. If you refer us to someone you know, and they decide to buy their complete roofing package from D.C. United, pending on the size of the job there will be a $50 – $5000 payment coming your way as soon as the job is complete and we have been paid in full! Easy as that.

There is no limit to the amount of referral bonuses you can qualify for, therefore, the more new clients you refer, the more money you can make.

Lawn Sign Bonuses

We also have incentives for our new clients. When you sign a contract with D.C. United Roofing Inc. for a new roof, you will be offered an opportunity to make some money by helping us advertise. If you allow us to display our lawn sign in your front yard, you will receive a lawn sign bonus cheque from us at the end of the agreed upon term, up to $30/month for up to two months. That is an extra $60!!

Neighbours Bonuses

Do you and a few of your neighbours need new a new roof? In addition to our Referral Bonuses, and Lawn Sign Bonuses, we also offer Neighbours Bonuses. When we can save money on delivery charges, by delivering materials at the same time, the savings will be passed along to our clients. Consequently, the more materials we can deliver in one load, the more money can be saved, and the less your roof, and your neighbours roofs, will cost!

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